We are also fully qualified to install new split system air conditioning to your home or office. This includes the decommisioning of the old units where required.
With our attention to detail and using only quality materials we provide our customers with a professional installation.

Our installations also include **All electrical work with your new unit installed on a safety switch protected circuit** so that your new a/c is up and running at the time of install.

Our standard installations include:
  • Quality insulated pipework
  • Quality plastic ducting & fixings
  • Elevated mounting feet, polyslab or concrete slab base
  • Anti vibration mounting pads
  • Outdoor isolation switch
  • All required electricals for installation ensuring new unit protected by a safety switch
  • Nitrogen pressure test to ensure no leaks
  • System vac out
  • General test of unit to ensure operating correctly

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Being an electrical contractor, we can assist with electrical repairs to split system air conditioners. A simple electrical repair such as a blown fan or compressor capacitor can give similar symptoms as a major repair, having your unit inspected before deciding to replace may save you considerable cost in such cases. Please note we are unable to repair any gas related issues such as leaks etc.

Regular servicing of indoor and outdoor units are vital to ensure optimal performance, avoid excessive power consumption, maintain cleanliness & promote maximum lifespan of your appliance. Although a general service will restore most units to peak operating condition, if your indoor unit air vents show signs of mould we reccommend carrying out a full hygenic clean.

 * Blocked indoor filters
 * Dirty Indoor coil reqires cleaning
 * Dirty outdoor coil requires cleaning

 * Poor heating/cooling performance
 * Compressor under additional stress from above issues
 * Higher than normal energy consumption
*Indoor coil & filters cleaned with professional grade product
*Anti bacterial / fungul deodourising spray applied to indoor unit coil
  (not full hygenic clean)
*Outdoor unit cleaned with professional grade product
*General clean of both indoor & outdoor units
*Basic operational test & visual inspection
*Ensure drain is functioning at time of service

Here is a kelvinator 7kw inverter, reverse cycle split system air conditioner we recently installed for a satisfied customer. This installation went perfectly to plan due to careful measuring & planning. All of our installations include safety switch protection for the installed a/c unit.

Units we supply to our customers generally come with a standard 5 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.
Good Flare
High quality pipework flares are critical for every successful a/c installation. We use premium brand flaring equipment and professional know how to achieve quality results as seen in this photo.
Ac Duct
Not every installation is a straight forward back to back arrangement. In this case we needed to run the pipework from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit through a built in cupboard, neatly installed with plastic ducting for an asthetically pleasing finish.
Ac install 2
Some installations can be a little tricky when obstacles such as fence lines or hot water units are where the outdoor unit would normally be located. With the right duct work fittings and professional experience we were able to neatly locate the outdoor unit in a suitable location without comprimising on the asthetic appeal of the installation.
Ac install
Another neat and tidy installation. This time the outdoor unit has been mounted on brackets due to being located on the second story of the dwelling.