A blown fan forced element on your oven is generally a fast & economical fix.
A light switch popping out of its plate can be more than just an inconvenience, it can be a serious electrical safety hazard. Did you know that not all lighting circuits are protected by a safety switch?
(BEFORE) Original fuse type switchboard before upgrade. No safety switch protection on power or lighting circuits.
(AFTER) Upgraded switchboard with modern enclosure, fire retardant backing panel, service link, circuit breakers, main over current protection and safety switch protection on both power & lighting circuit. 
A tiny ant causing a short on a dishwasher main control board. We managed to carefully remove the ant and restore the dishwasher to normal operating condition.
A cracked ceramic cooktop hob can be more serious than just a cosmetic concern. Major cracks can allow access to live electrical components, boil overs can also result in serious risk of electric shock.

Regular polishing of solid hot plates will help prevent them from pitting/rusting and perlong the life of your appliance.
 Replacing defective heating elements and thermostats on a hot water system is generally an economical repair in comparison to the cost of replacement.
Hotplate regulation switches (simmerstats) are generally cost effective to replace. A typical sign that a hotplate regulator is malfunctioning is when on ore more elements begin not regulating accurately.
(BEFORE) Fuse type, shed sub-board before upgrade. Inadequate mechanical protection of cables, no light switch for shed lighting & no safety switch protection on shed sub circuits.
(AFTER) Upgraded sub-board with modern enclosure, install circuit breakers and new sub-main switch, dedicated light switch for shed lighting, install adequate mechanical protection over cables & install safety switch protection on all shed final sub circuits.
Pierced dishwasher liner
Always ensure knives and sharp objects are strategically placed in your dishwasher baskets to avoid damage to the main liner. In this case a kitchen knife was incorrectly placed and damages the liner which is non repairable.
Broken Ceramic Fuse
A cracked fuse holder or cartridge can be a serious safety concern, especially when attenpting to remove the fuse. We specialise in upgrading fuse boards to circuit breaker arrangements with RCD protection to ensure you have up to date circuit protection which is compliant with modern electrical standards.
Fridge not cooling like it used to? Before you consider replacement it's possible that the fault may be as simple as a defrost issue which causes ice to build up and block the evaporator. A new defrost thermostat was required to get this one up and running again which was a low cost repair for the client.
Blown Hot Water Element
Changing a hot water system element but a leaking gasket had seized the retaining screws. Using the right tools we were able to repair the mountings and save the customer the cost of replacing the system.
Simpson Washing Machine Rods

Replacing the broken suspension rods on this Simpson top loading washing machine was a cost effective repair for our customer. Parts were able to be sourced and fitted within the same week.

Faulty power point switch
Did you know a powerpoint or light switch can be defective even if it physically appears to be ok? Shown here is a power point allowing 45 volts ac through its contacts in the off position due to a malfunctioning siwtch mechanism. A periodic check of all point throughout your house by a licensed electrician is the most effective way to detect such faults.
Leaking internal hose

Here a leaking internal hose was causing this dishwasher to go into emergency drain mode rendering it inoperable. After replacing the problem hose the unit was able to be restored to full working order again.
Burnt out control board
If you ever smell a burning odour from any of your appliances stop usage immediately and have them checked by a professional. In this case the control board had burnt out on a dishwasher which also damaged the main wiring harness resulting in a major repair.
Unsafe powerpoint
A physically unsafe powerpoint that required immediate replacement. All replacement power points need to undergo a safety switch trip test to ensure your earth leakage protection is operating correctly.
Burnt out safety switch
Externally this safety switch looked fine when enclosed within the switchboard cover but upon removing it for inspection after failing an RCD trip test we found it to be physically burnt out and required immediate replacement. Periodic checks from a licensed electrician can help detect such faults which can literally save lives.